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Fish Pie recipe

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Prep time: quarter-hour | Cooking time: around 30 minutes | Servings: 8 

1 tablespoon curry paste 
1 teaspoon curry 
1 cup cream 
1 pound salmon fillet
¼ cup garlic cloves 
½ tablespoon salt
​1 teaspoon cilantro 
1 teaspoon essential olive oil
​¼ cup of fish sauce 
1 onion
​1 teaspoon red chili flakes 
1 tablespoon fresh ginger 
10 ounces keto dough 


Roll the keto dough by employing a rolling pin. Spray pressure cooker with all the olive oil. Place the rolled dough into pressure to succeed cooker.Combine the curry paste, curry, cream, salt, cilantro, fish sauce, water, chili flakes, and fresh ginger in the mixing bowl and blend well and stir well. Chop the salmon fillet and hang up it inside mixing bowl. Add curry paste mixture and mix well. Put the fish mixture inside middle through the pie crust. Grate the fresh ginger and sprinkle the very best within the pie. Peel the onion, slice it, and add it for that top using the fish pie and close the lid. Set pressure to succeed cooker to ”Pressure” mode. Cook the dish on for the half-hour. When the pie is cooked, get rid of it from the strain cooker and slice it. Serve the pie warm.

calories 256, 
fat 8.5, 
fiber 5.3, 
carbs 13, 

protein 32.8

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