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Marjoram Salmon

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Prep time: ten mins | Cooking time: a quarter-hour | Servings: 6

1 pound salmon fillet 
1 tablespoon marjoram 
½ teaspoon rosemary 
1 tablespoons salt
​½ cup dill 
1 cup of water 
1 teaspoon cilantro 
1 tablespoon paprika 
​1 teaspoon butter 
1 teaspoon onion powder 


Combine the marjoram, rosemary, and salt in a very small bowl. Rub the salmon fillet with each of the spice mixture. Chop the dill and combine it with all the onion powder and paprika inside a mixing bowl. Add cilantro and stir well. Place the salmon fillet for the steamer rack and transfer it to pressure to succeed cooker. Set pressure cooker to ”Steam” mode. Sprinkle the salmon when using dill mixture. Close pressure cooker and cook the fish for fifteen minutes. When the cooking time ends, release the others pressure and invite salmon rest briefly. Transfer the dish to a serving plate.

calories 127, 
fat 6.2, 
fiber 1, 
carbs 1.17, 

protein 16

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